6 MLM Success Strategies

Achieving success within MLM can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the business. There are many success stories and there are also many failure stories and unfortunately, this means that many people are skeptical as to whether or not MLM can actually work for them. Instead of focusing on the failures, put your energies into implementing the 6 MLM success strategies below.


Get Into the Zone

If you have the wrong mindset and you’re consistently negative about what you can and can’t do, your past successes and failures and the past successes and failures of other people within your circle, you will fail. It’s as simple as that. Equally, if you blame your past failures on your sponsor or on the company that you’re working with, instead of on yourself, you will fail. You need to take the information that’s given to you and you need to use it. You cannot expect other people to pick up the pieces for you. Get into the zone and take responsibility for your own successes. Follow the advice of your sponsor and those around you to a tee. If other people are successful, look at what they are doing – don’t try to play around on your own.

Don’t Approach Your Friends and Family

Many MLM companies talk about your warm list – this is a list of your friends and family that you have a close relationship with. The hope is that they’ll be more likely to accept your offer than a stranger on the street. The problem with approaching things in this way is that your family and friends are already likely to be skeptical about your offer, especially if you’re brand new to the MLM game. Your friends and family will want to see you make money from the offer that you’re promoting, before they’re willing to think about signing up for it – and they won’t see you as an expert in your field if you’ve only been doing it for five minutes. Instead, get your sponsor or upline to present to your family and friends – show them someone who is an expert. They’ll be much more likely to get involved this way. This also allows you to learn about how to present to this group of people, as down the line, you’ll likely be presenting to your downline’s friends and family – so watch and learn!

Don’t Hard Sell

No-one likes a hard seller, plain and simple. You need to go about things differently if you want to be successful within the MLM industry and this involves educating your prospects instead of hard selling them. As an example, if your business involves selling products and then recruiting managers to sell those products too, let your products do the talking. Follow up with sales and make sure that they’re happy with their purchase. Give them advice and let them know that you’ll be there for them if they need you. Let them know that there are additional products that might be able to supplement their primary purchase. The idea here is that your products can do the talking. If your products really are up to scratch, the person who bought them from you is far more likely to want to join your team and start selling! Hard sells are not the right way to go as no-one likes to propositioned by someone like a used car salesman. Be gracious and be gentle and you’ll see much more success.

Know Your Stats

Learn your stats and you can’t go wrong. MLM is a numbers game, at a very basic level, and to succeed at it you need to learn your stats and set targets in order to meet those stats again and again. For example, if 10% of people who you present to sign up, that means that one out of every ten people will sign up. That means that you need to present to roughly 100 people in order to get ten people to sign up. This is the average, obviously, but it allows you to set goals and create targets in order to meet those goals. If you have specific salary requirements or if you’re working towards a monetary goal like a holiday or a house deposit, this is a great way to get that money together. For example, you could plan to present to 500 people per month with the hope that you’d get 50 people to sign up to your offer.

Present to Successful Prospects

People who are already successful within their jobs, personal lives or within their business lives will know what it takes to run a successful business. Many MLM marketers are afraid to approach successful prospects but this could actually be the key to your success. Successful people are more likely to be successful with your offer. Although you shouldn’t pre-judge people, surely it’s a good idea to maximize your own profits and your own successes by approaching people that are already successful?

Take Advantage of Your Sponsor

If you have a sponsor or if you’re signed up to a company that offers training opportunities, take advantage of them! The more you can learn about how to be successful and the more you can learn about what you have to do to get there, the bigger and better your business will be! Keep taking advantage of your sponsor and your training opportunities, even if you’ve already heard the information before – sometimes it’s best to go over things that you already know so that you can hear things with a fresh ear.

Following the strategies above should help you become more successful within MLM – but if you ignore them, you might not see the successes that you deserve.

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