5 of the Best MLM Prospecting Tips

Your entire MLM business stands on the prospects that you attain day in and day out. Prospects are what keep your business growing and what keep the money rolling in and without prospects, you don’t have a business. Learn how to get prospects whenever and wherever you are with these five very simple tips.

Get Offline

We’re so used to doing everything online these days that it can be tricky to get offline. Remember that there are actually people in the real world that you can contact and connect with. So get offline and step away from the computer to find some real-world prospects that you can get involved with your business. Schedule offline meetup events or go to networking meetings. The more networking you can do offline, the better you’ll do offline and online. And remember – real-world connections will foster more real-world connections. One of the strongest and most effective means of getting people to know more about your business is word of mouth, and word of mouth happens most commonly in everyday conversation offline. It’s also a good idea to schedule get-to-know-me events that give interested prospects (perhaps people that have expressed an interest in what you have to offer online) a chance to get to know you and your business in person rather than online.

Get Online

So, we know we just told you to get offline – but you also need to do your fair share of prospecting online too! Facebook is a brilliant starting position for most MLM marketers. Everyone likes to get in touch on Facebook and it can seem like virtually everyone has an account. Set up a business profile on Facebook as well as a Facebook group and don’t hard sell anyone. Just outline the details of the business as well as the bare bones of what you do and make yourself appeal knowledgeable and above all, likeable. Do not hard sell anyone whilst on Facebook as this is very unappealing – the same goes for Twitter and any other social networking sites that you might choose to use.

Understand Your Prospects

Some people won’t like, want or need what you offer. They think they won’t need it, don’t need it or that they can’t use it. They might think that you’re offering them a scam or that you’re not genuine. But if you understand your prospects and what they genuinely want and need from their lives, you’ll minimize any resistance against your business offer. People can be negative but instead of letting that get you down and instead of losing the sale, put a little extra work in. What is your prospect’s home life like? How can your product or offer make that better for them? Do not ever just hard sell – the only way to make sale after sale after sale is to make people realize that you are not just trying to make a commission from them. Of course, you need the money, but the idea is that people realize that you genuinely want to help them be whatever they want to be. When people know that you care about them and that you want to help, they’ll be much more likely to accept your offer.

Believe in Your Company

If you’re going to sell an offer or an idea to any prospects, you need to really believe in the company. Firstly, understand that some people won’t appreciate what your company does and that it just won’t be for them. You also need to understand that some people will be very negative about what you do. MLM can sometimes be seen as a “fake” business because it consists solely of getting more and more prospects and selling them an idea or a product and so that can mean that some people are quite negative. It’s up to you to believe in your product and your company and to sell that. If you don’t believe in it and what you offer, you won’t make it in MLM marketing and you’ll never be able to recruit prospects. Choose a company that you know has good strong values and a message that you truly believe in. That way, potential prospects will be able to see your passion shining through in your pitch and in everything you say and you will win them over. Be genuine and nice and you’ll get there.

Get Them with an Indirect Hook

We all know that direct selling is so often what MLM is based upon but the best way to make prospects feel secure and comfortable around you is if you get them with an indirect hook – meaning, you tell them more about you and your business indirectly instead of directly, allowing them to talk and tell you about everything what they do before you actually try to sell them anything. As an example, ask a potential prospect what they do for work. Let them talk and ask interested questions and make them genuine! Then, when they ask you what you do for work, you can say something like “I help people make a little extra money from the comfort of their own home. What do you like most about your job?” Chances are, they’ll ask more questions about what you said and they’ll be interested in what you have to offer without a single hard sell in sight.

MLM prospecting doesn’t have to be difficult. Be sensible and be nice and you will find the prospects that’ll make your business grow.

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