3 must use unique lead generation marketing ideas to your mlm businesses

What you think about lead generation techniques? Is it mea gathering people to your network through cold calling or using some other techniques like radio and TV advertisements? If you think these kinds of lead generation techniques will work even now, may be its time to learn new lead generation marketing strategies now.

Although there are many new lead generation techniques to choose from, it is the responsibility of the network marketer to decide on which technique will best suit to their unique needs.

If you are the one who want to take your mlm leads to some good heights but not sure about the technique to use, you can give a try with the following lead generation services. These all are unique techniques so the effort you are going to put in will never go in vein.

Landing Page Optimization

As per the Forrester Research which was conducted last year the number of American people who are shopping online has been increased from 1/3 to 2/3. When it comes for social networking usage it is nearly 20% raise when compare to the last year. Knowing the fact that people have started to use social media websites and started to shop online you can understand how important it is to go for landing page optimization.

It is not a new idea of marketing. Considering the following 2 ways will help to evolve the landing page strategy.

  • Try to create a landing page which consists of products that lies in some particular price range. You should feature these products as per the competitor price. Mark it with the low price. Make sure you are still standing competitive. When your page gets displayed in the search engine result page click through your competitor and ensure you have offered the  quality products just as in their price range or below your competitor level.
  • So many companies nowadays have started to provide the features like resource centers or news rooms in their website. They are even creating page such that it contains more than ten pieces of information. You need to present a useful content in all these pages. Ensure your landing page is optimized with the suitable keywords, elegant image and of course a summary. Set up these landing pages like the user should get a pop up asking them to enter their name, email and the company or educational institution they are currently belong to before having an access to your content. This lead generation marketing technique is one of the proven ways to generate leads to your business.

 Targeted Email Campaigns

When you approach the lead generation companies they will take care of your email campaign marketing. They will have a list of target people collected from various sources of internet. Today when these companies sent a mail to the people with the help of special email management software programs you will be notified when particular person opens and read the email. So that you can find that they are interested in your products and services. Possibly you can reach them through your customized business mails and through the size line numbers.

Social Media

Today social media websites have become a place to get the potential buyers. Nearly 49% of the sales of accessories and other items come from the social media when they display the relevant ads on the social media pages. Nearly 60% of Fb fans & 79% of Twitter users used to recommend and buy the brands just because they like and follow those brands.

So if you are smart enough try to utilize these kinds of unique lead generation services even without investing your money in high payable lead generation companies.



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