How to Be Successful at MLM Without Recruiting Friends and Family

One of the simplest ways to be successful in multi level marketing (MLM) is to recruit people into your scheme. But how do you go about recruiting without talking to your friends and family? You can be very successful in an MLM business without having to bug your friends and family – by following these sneaky MLM recruitment tips.

Understanding Relationships

You might have heard that MLM is the business of forging relationships. In a way, that’s true – without working on your business relationships, you won’t have much of a business. But it’s important to remember that each and every relationship that you work on could end up being profitable in the future. If you just try to “harvest” the relationships that you already have, i.e. with your family and friends, without working on forging and growing other relationships, you won’t be successful. Understand that your business relationships are your business is key to success in MLM.


Rejection is a major issue that most MLM marketers will have to face at some point in their career. It can be especially hard dealing with rejection from friends and family. The easiest way to avoid this and to do so without getting rejected is to approach your friends and family with this statement:

“I’ve just started up a new business opportunity. Lots of people have been asking me about it. Do me a favor – if anyone ever comes to you about this business opportunity, come and talk to me about it first.” If they ask more about it, just tell them that you’ll send an email with a link to the business opportunity. That way, they’ll know more about your opportunity but you haven’t given them the opportunity to out-and-out reject you.

Recruiting Referrals

If you’re speaking to potential recruits over the phone and they seem to be a little bit against your opportunity, ask them whether they know of any friends or family members that might have been affected by the economic downturn. Ask if they would mind whether you share the opportunity with their friend. When you call them up, if they say that they’re not interested, fair enough – at least you tried. If they say yes, then you have a brand new client.

Use the Best Possible Prospects

The best way to increase conversions and to recruit more prospects into your MLM opportunity is to speak to people that have already been sold on the idea of an MLM business or an MLM opportunity. That means that you don’t need to overcome the barriers that might need to be overcome with “cold” prospects – if someone has already been in an MLM business before, or if they currently are involved in a floundering MLM business, give them a call. They’ll be much more likely to listen to your opportunity – so that means that you can spend time focussing on people that are already 50% converted instead of wasting time and energy on prospects that wouldn’t dream of joining an MLM scheme.

Sell Yourself

Instead of constantly trying to push the MLM business opportunity onto potential recruits, spend your time, effort and energy selling yourself. If you want people to work with you, you’ll need to sell yourself – tell them exactly why they should be working with you, what you can offer in terms of advice and business know-how and what working with you will offer them versus them working with someone else. Sell yourself and prospects will be knocking down your door. Sell your business, and you’ll still get leads, but they won’t be anywhere near as valuable.

Build Trust

Building trust with your prospects is incredibly important. Think about it. Would you ask a complete stranger to enter into a business contract with you? No. But if they’d given you tons of free advice that you have already acted upon and that you know you can work on in order to boost your earnings and to improve your current business, you might be more open to signing a business contract with them? Building a level of trust with your prospects and giving them the information they need in order to succeed before you try to make the sale will definitely give you the edge when you recruit them in the future.

Have More Than One Income Stream

Paying for advertising in the MLM world can be very expensive. One way to pay for your advertising, build a list and work on converting prospects is to create a second income stream. It could be a tool, a video series or even just a PDF – something that will help your prospects on their journey. Price it at less than $50. That income stream, if you market it properly, will provide you with enough money to pay for advertising for the back end of your business – the MLM opportunity. Getting prospects involved in MLM can be tricky, but they’ll be much more likely to make the purchase if they’ve already bought something from you in the past – plus, the process will build trust between you and the prospect.

You can recruit prospects without talking to your friends and family – just follow the tips above.

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